What Is Espresso And How It Is Made?

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What is espresso? The word espresso is an Americanized version of the Italian term espresso, which translates to "made for you". This drink has existed for centuries but has not been known by its current name until the early 1900s. Many people are confused by this beverage, they are uncertain of what it is and how it is made.

Some people think that the thing that makes this beverage different than other cups of coffee is the type of bean that is used. This is actually a misconception, in fact it can even be decaffeinated. The beans can come from Columbia or Jamaica but this is not to imply that the beans are not important, because they are, but simply to imply that the type of bean does not make the cup of coffee espresso.

Then there is another group of people that think it must be the blend if it is not the bean. While there are espresso blends they again do not make any cup of coffee made with this blend a cup of espresso. Naturally the better the blend the better the finished product will be, but the blend is not what makes it what it is.

Well if it is not the blend or the bean then it has got to be the roast, right? Wrong! It is not the roast that makes a cup of coffee an espresso either which, of course, makes answering the question of "wha tis expresso" even harder. In fact the way that it is roasted is actually a personal preference and tends to range from one geographic location to another. A perfect example of this is the fact that Californians prefer a dark roast while eastern Americans prefer a light roast. Traditionally espresso is medium roasted.

The traditional coffee is more about what beans are used, what blend and what roast, then how it was made. With espresso it is the brewing that makes the difference. The name indicates how it is brewed, expressly for you. This beverage is not actually a cup of coffee, but rather a shot of it.

This shot is brewed from about a tablespoon of coffee beans that have been finely ground. In fact if we were seeking for a direct answer to the question what is espresso, the answer would be - a shot of coffee produced by way of a large amounts of pressure that utilizes coffee beans that have been finely ground. This answer is as basic and direct as we can come to defining this special little beverage.