Some Tips To Help You Prepare The Best Cup Of Italian Espresso Coffee

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Making the right kind of Italian espresso is not difficult as long as you follow the right steps. The first step that needs to be taken is making sure of using the proper kind of moka. For Italian folks, this should not be difficult as their kitchens will already contain some of it; for Americans and others, it would mean having to buy Bialetti and if you have the money, then go for Mukka Express.

In order to make tasty Italian espresso you should ensure using the Moka and plenty of it as that will enable you to make more delightful espresso. However, if you have bought new Moka then be sure to prepare about six cups of espresso and not drink these initial cups as this will help you get rid of the awful taste from the initial use of the Moka.

Next, be sure that you buy the best coffee and also be sure to also store your coffee powder in a refrigerator. Though this may seem strange, the results will be far better as the coffee, when stored in the fridge, will keep its aroma and not lose it to the atmosphere.

Add a small quantity of cocoa to your moka and then add coffee. In addition, be sure to add a grain of salt to the water (especially if it is hard water). When brewing your coffee, be sure that you do this on a low flame and though this will take a little longer to prepare your coffee, it will, at least, also ensure that the water traverses the coffee slowly and so helps to improve the taste.

When you are brewing your Italian espresso it is important that you do not close the top of the moka in order to prevent the steam from condensing and that of course then means that your coffee will not get watered. You may even want to consider putting small caps in the moka so as to prevent your hot coffee from spitting.

The minute your coffee starts to come out of the moka, it is a good idea for you to remove a spoon or two of your coffee and then mix it fast. This will give you smoother sugary cream that you can use to add some creamy effects to your Italian espresso coffee.

The best way to consume Italian espresso is in the smaller Italian coffee cups and not in the ones that you can get from American Coffee. Also, be sure to dip these cups into some boiling hot water and then allow the cups to dry. The result of this simple act is that the coffee will remain hotter for a longer period of time.