PodMerchant Espresso Pod Super Sampler

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  • Package of 54 espresso pods (2 each of 27 different pods). Photo may not match exact contents.
  • For E.S.E. compatible espresso machines
  • See PodMerchant's other sampler offerings: Decaf, 100% Arabica, and Blend samplers
  • Not compatible with Nespresso or Lavazza Espresso Point machines
  • Not compatible with Senseo or Melitta style single-serve coffee pod machines

Product Description
Sampler package containing 2 each of the following single-serving (7 gm) espresso pods (2 x 27 = 54 pods total). These are all gourmet espresso pods from Italy's finest roasters;
Amigos Caffe Extra-Bar,
Amigos Caffe Blue Blend,
Caffe Borbone Gold,
Caffe Borbone Blue,
Compagnia dell'Arabica (CDA) Purissimi Caffe Arabica,
CDA Brasil Santos,
CDA Colombia,
CDA 'AA' Washed,
Caffe del Doge Rialto,
Caffe Gioia,
Danesi Easy Espresso,
Espressione 100% Arabica,
E... More >>

PodMerchant Espresso Pod Super Sampler


5 Responses to “PodMerchant Espresso Pod Super Sampler”
  1. The pods did not fit in my machine very good, causing water to

    run out of the top. Some worked that were extras out of the pack.

    The flavorite coffee worked fine. I love Espresso, but does not

    work in my machine.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. T. Jones says:

    I was expecting more variety in the flavor, but all the different pods tasted quite similar. My biggest complaint is that about 1 out of every 5 pods would not produce espresso. All I got was water, even after trying to run it through the espresso machine a second time. I’ll be sticking with the Espressione brand for my next purchase since the flavor and result is more consistent.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  3. I own a Senseo coffee machine, and another brand machine which I keep at work. Both use standard size coffee pods, quite successfully, and brew a rich cup of coffee. I bought this espresso pod sampler and found that espresso pods do not conform to the size used by regular pod machines. This is just a polite warning not to waste your money if your machine is not designed for espresso.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. Alan Yee says:

    The content in each pod is high quality and they get shipped fast. But beware that you will probably have to empty the pod contents into your espresso machine to get a good espresso. When I use the regular pod in my Saeco Magic I just get a very dilute espresso because of the pod is too small.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  5. It was going great (really great) until we hit the first Hausbrandt pod. Watery, light and tasteless. All the Hausbrandt pods are the same. I wish PodMerchant would take this out of the collection.

    The rest of the collection is fantastic. If you are looking to sample a variety of coffee flavors before deciding to mass order the ones you like, this sampler collection is ideal. We have no favorite brands, just what suits us best for the occasion. In general, the darker wrappers seem to be the richer, heavier flavors and the lighter wrappers were lighter. That said, there are many exceptions to the rule. We liked to be surprised.

    Highly recommend this collection, but only if PodMerchant will be kind enough to remove the HausBrandts. Atleast 10 pods were of this brand.
    Rating: 3 / 5